1. Operations on a Small Layout

    Some people think it is impossible to operate a small layout in an interesting way.
    Looking at trains going round and round will get boring fast even for a child, even faster for an adult with higher expectations who wouldn't like to stay passive.
    Here I'll show how you can make interesting operations on a small layout - with a few tricks.

  2. Design of a small City Terminal (in epoch II und III - 1945 to 1970)

    Many model railroaders can't imagine building a city terminal in a very small space (ca. 125cm x 62cm).
    Here I show how to design such a city terminus purely for passenger traffic - and how to operate it.

  3. Tips and Tricks

    Every modeller hits problems for which there is no "official" solution at times. He ponders and develops and puts away solutions of his own - and sometimes he finds a practical solution which might be interesting for his hobby colleagues too.

  4. Google SketchUp and Pepakura Designer

    On the market are many good constructed and very useable building models for the railroad modeller from plastic, wood and even from cardboard.
    But they have a few drawbacks:

    • often they are pretty costly
    • if you don't change them individually they are going to look like one another on every layout
    • if you need more than one building of a kind - you have to buy more kits

    As of lately an industry has matured which offers programs to the modeller who is a little computer savvy. You can desing your models individually and fitting for your layout which gains a very unique note.
    Nowadays there are low cost ink jet printers out there to bring the models to the cardboard.

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