1. FREE - Cardboard Models for Download and Cutting Out

    I like to experiment with designing 3D-models on my computer.
    I use Google's SketchUp.
    Development and changing a 3D-model is fast and easy - you can cout out the model and put it on your layout.
    to unfold the Sketchup-models I use TAMA-Soft's Pepakura-Designer. I'm able to fit glue flaps and can put pictures of the completed model and texts explaining the process on the page which I store as a PDF. This can be printed and built as often as you need.
    After construction the models look a little bleak. But it is astonishing how many details can be seen on a decently textured model. And moreover you can superdetail them by adding rain drainage or balcony meshes or even flower boxes to the windows.

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